C L A S S I C    S E R I E S

No.1 hot selling all in one solar street light for 5 years in the market below 0.3% complaints updated invention patent ALS2.0 technology, support 7-10days lighting time

A complete solution for battery works under high/lower temperature broke the industry bottleneck One minute ODM your lighting mode for what you want

Forever Classic never exceeded

A R G E S    S E R I E S

Remote + Timer design for intelligent choice of your illumination demands

Seoul brand High efficiency LED, More brightness over you see

10 + Years Lifetime

Professional lighting distribution to realize lighting area enlarged over 40 %

Temperature Control System for high-temperature area

Stand out everywhere as you see

A T L A S    S E R I E S

10 cloudy days still lighting

BMS technology speeds of the battery charging over 30%

never stop lighting with new HI-technology -ALS2.0 Up to 10 rainy or

cloudy days Powerful lithium battery with 1500 cycles, widely use in the

new-energy car; 4 Intelligent core Technology broke the bottleneck of short working time of solar

light in rainy/cloudy days, and realized 100% lighting throughout the year Each part

can be replaced on the pole directly, save maintenance

T I T A N    S E R I E S


Adjustable Angle for fast charging and wide

lighting area.realize maximum illumination

for your project

Big High efficiency LED,More brightness over you see

Unique styles in the world

Summer/winter lighting mode respects for energy-

saving life Powerful and Professional for wide street or

multilane road lighting